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Meet The GFA Team

Providing Event Medical Services since 2018

From humble beginnings in Regional NSW (Binalong) , Get First Aid started as a little two person show with Ryan and Alison at the helm in June 2018. Since then we have expanded our team to accommodate large national events including these:

Is your event a little smaller?

That's ok, we would love to advise you and provide the event medical support you need.

We are known as the local ACT event medical team

Get First Aid - Event Medical ACT and NSW

Get First Aid has over 50 staff to ensure your event is covered appropriately. All staff are required to have a working with children check and national police check before they are allowed to attend your event.

Our operations team consists of Ryan with over 12 years of clinical experience with multiple qualifications. Alison with over 10 years of business management and qualifications in both health and business. Emily with over 3 years of Clinical experience working at a variety of different events.

We have now expanded our operations into NSW and QLD.

Medical Response Vehicles

Our medical response vehicles play a critical role in safeguarding patient safety during emergencies. These specialized vehicles, staffed by our highly trained medical and first aid professionals, are equipped with advanced medical equipment to provide immediate care and transportation to healthcare facilities.


Their timely arrival at the scene allows for quick assessment, stabilization, and initiation of life-saving interventions.


Onboard medical capabilities, such as cardiac monitors, defibrillators, and advanced life support equipment, enable continuous monitoring and treatment during transit, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.


The presence of our skilled healthcare staff in our response vehicles allows for effective communication, coordination, and seamless transfer of patients to the appropriate medical facilities, minimizing delays and maximizing the chances of survival during worst-case-scenarios. The integration of these vehicles within the emergency response system enhances overall community resilience and underscores the importance of rapid and efficient emergency medical services.

Get First Aid Vehicle Response Car
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Don't Let Injuries spoil your event - Get First Aid - Guy Holding his head

Don't let injuries
spoil your event!

Whether your event is large or small, don't let injuries or misadventures spoil your patrons' fun. Call us at Get First Aid and we will help you work out exactly what medical and first aid facilities and staff you will need for your event.  

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